It seems like for the last 10 months, every week was labeled as the “worst week of the Trump presidency”. Frankly the bar keeps getting lowered by Trump and his minions and the outrageous behavior never stops.

However this week, is all about the Russia investigations. Trump has tried repeatedly to cast aside the investigation as a “witch hunt” or something that is made up by the Democrats. But there’s no denying now that the work of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is going to have a very real impact on not just Trump’s presidency, but his life.

As news broke yesterday of the charges filed against former Trump Campaign chair, Paul Manafort, and the guilty plea of another campaign official, people wondered how Trump would react.

He provided his typical angry tweet, claiming there was no collusion, but other than that, he was noticeably quiet.


Turns out, The Donald was holed up in the White House residence, glued to the TV and ignoring his duties for the day.

Separated from most of his West Wing staff — who fretted over why he was late getting to the Oval Office — Trump clicked on the television and spent the morning playing fuming media critic, legal analyst and crisis communications strategist, according to several people close to him.

The president digested the news of the first indictments in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe with exasperation and disgust, these people said. He called his lawyers repeatedly. He listened intently to cable news commentary. And, with rising irritation, he watched live footage of his onetime campaign adviser and confidant, Paul Manafort, turning himself in to the FBI.

But Trump’s anger Monday was visible to those who interacted with him, and the mood in the corridors of the White House was one of weariness and fear of the unknown. As the president groused upstairs, many staffers — some of whom have hired lawyers to help them navigate Mueller’s investigation — privately speculated about where the special counsel might turn next.

“The walls are closing in,” said one senior Republican in close contact with top staffers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly. “Everyone is freaking out.”

Trump is also increasingly agitated by the expansion of Mueller’s probe into financial issues beyond the 2016 campaign and about the potential damage to him and his family.

This portrait of Trump and his White House on a day of crisis is based on interviews with 20 senior administration officials, Trump friends and key outside allies, many of whom insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive internal matters. – Washington Post

As Trump continues to try and distract by screaming about Hillary on a daily basis, don’t let yourself be snowed by all of his efforts. Don’t let any Trump backer tell you “theres no there there.” In fact, when you need it, use this video of Don Jr talking about how much business the Trumps have done in Russia.