Death is the only absolute truth in our lives as humans, but even then, we all struggle to deal with the loss of a loved one. There is perhaps no more difficult task than having to console the grieving family members of someone who has just passed away.

That duty is only magnified when you are the President of the United States and you have to offer some level of comfort to the family member of a fallen soldier. You may hear their furor over a military operation that they felt was unnecessary and took their loved one for no good reason. You may have to answer their questions about why you authorized an operation that has now taken someone so close to them forever. No matter what they ask or say, it is your job, to simply listen and offer any comfort you can muster, while thanking them for making the ultimate sacrifice.

Apparently these unspoken rules of common sense were lost on your current “president”, Donald Trump. The Donald in his supreme wisdom offered a thought to a grieving widow that can only be described as unthinkable. “He knew what he was signing up for”.

Trump fired back via Twitter, of course, to try to discredit the congresswoman. He also later spoke on camera about what he claims was a complete fabrication.

However the family of Sgt. La David T. Johnson has confirmed that Trump did in fact speak so callously to Mrs. Johnson.

Rep. Frederica Wilson’s account of the phone call between President Trump and the widow of a US serviceman killed in Niger is “very accurate,” a relative of the fallen soldier said.

Cowanda Jones-Johnson, a family member who raised Sgt. La David T. Johnson, said she was in the car with Johnson’s widow and Wilson when the call happened.

“Everything she (Wilson) has said is very accurate,” Jones-Johnson said. – CNN

Your turn Trump supporters. Please try to explain this one away.