For those of you following the Donald Trump three-ring circus, we have now arrived at a familiar portion of the show. Name calling.

The only difference is this time it’s not a campaign where everyone is trying to get as much publicity as possible. Now its actual government, where the sitting President of the United States is attacking a powerful senator from his own party.

As he has done with other political adversaries, Trump has come up with a nickname to taunt Bob Corker, the GOP Senator who claims Trump is steering us towards World War III.

Yes, as Americans in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico are struggling to put their lives back together, Trump is enthralled in another one of his trademark Twitter spats. What is most amazing is that this time he has taken on a man with a lot of power and influence in the Senate.

The spat could endanger Trump’s effort to pass an overhaul of the tax code. He can only afford to lose two GOP senators, and Corker told the Times that he would not support a plan that blows a hole in the federal budget.

Corker also chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and could have a major say over the future of the Iran nuclear deal, which the president is expected to decertify in the coming days. – The Hill

Corker of course made the very astute observation that the White House has turned into an adult day care.

Corker not going quietly into the night as Trump wanted is obviously getting to the toddler-in-chief and he is now going to lash out. Corker has been spot on his assessment of the damage Trump may do if someone doesn’t intervene. Even on a daily basis there has to be a firewall that the adults in the White House have to create simply to avert disaster. Take a look at Corker giving his thoughts on the instability Trump has brought to our nation.