Donald Trump has no legislative wins. He has not accomplished anything of note in his mission to “make America great again”.

But make no mistake about it, he is a savvy marketer. As long as his base “thinks” he is working for things they care about, it’s won’t matter if he does really gets any “wins”. So Trump, ever the showman, decided to dip back into an issue that galvanized his base.

He sent his Vice President, Mike Pence, back to Indiana to attend the Colts game, with a very specific purpose. To fan the flames of the NFL player’s decision to take a knee during the anthem to bring light to police brutality.

Trump has hijacked the narrative of this peaceful “protest” and made it about the flag and the military. Something that the alt-right part of base has eaten up. They view the taking of a knee, mostly by black players, as some sort of attack on the military. So with another wasted week, in which Trump accomplished nothing, he came up with a plan,

He sent Pence to the game so he could stand during the anthem, then leave in some sort of counter protest.

Well that’s cute. And of course Trump couldn’t wait to boast about what a great win this was.

There’s only one problem. Sending the VP and his wife, along with all the staff that has to accompany them to a game for a PR stunt is an awfully expensive way to make a point. That was not lost on lawmakers, further highlighting the corruption of the Trump administration.