For the fourth time in several weeks, a hurricane has made landfall on American soil.

There are thousands of Americans who are still dealing with the fallout from having their homes and lives turned upside down. Oh, and the nation is still reeling from the worst shooting massacre to ever take place in our country. 58 people died in Las Vegas with upwards of 600 more being injured.

With all of that as the backdrop, the “president” of the United States of America opened up his Sunday morning with a very constructive project. Attacking a sitting US Senator. From his own party.

And of course to what end? What is Trump accomplishing by doing this? Well you see his supporters, who believe anything Trump tells them, will view this all as part of “draining the swamp”.

Corker has already announced his retirement. So Trump sees this as an opportunity to claim he forced out a member of the “swamp”. It’s nothing more than a marketing maneuver, one that the gullible Trump base will eat up with a spoon. Corker, however, seemed to be in the know that Trump was going to set his sights on him Sunday morning. He was ready with a response which left Trump silent.