This whole comforter-in-chief thing is not for everyone.

Some people know how to strike the right chord at a time of grief and sorrow for the nation. They are able to speak to the emptiness that people are feeling at that moment, reassure them that their helplessness will pass and that there is a brighter day on the horizon. It’s important to note, that this function of a leader, is not only necessary in the immediate aftermath of a terrible event, but in the many days afterwards, when the real devastation sets in. Some people are born to display this kind of leadership. Donald Trump, is not one of those people.

His supporters will point to his somber tone and tactful words that he offered in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that has haunted us all. There is truth in the fact that he sounded like he knew what he was doing at that moment.

Then this happened.

Yes there is your “president” taking time out of offering his empty thoughts and prayers to retweet Bill O’Reilly and highlight Fox News ratings, just a day after the worst shooting massacre in US history.

Well that must be an aberration, surely he wouldn’t do it again.

Literally on his way to Las Vegas to meet with victims and family members of those tragically lost, Trump takes a twitter break to talk about NBC News ratings. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your “president”. Thoughts and prayers to all of you.