The 17 day “working vacation” is apparently a 17 day Twitter vacation for Donald Trump.

His daily Twitter vomit yielded another empty threat today, again focused on North Korea. It has been well documented that if the US did decide to launch a preemptive strike on the Korean Peninsula, US military forces would have to be prepared for an all out assault to decimate Kim Jong Un and his forces.

The US military isn’t in any position right now to strike North Korea with the kind of campaign that would be needed to bring battlefield success and would need weeks, if not months, to sort out the logistics, analysts say.

Mark Hertling, a retired US Army general and CNN analyst, said the tens of thousands of US civilians, many of them military dependents, would first need to be evacuated from South Korea.

The US would also need to add to its forces in the region in what Hertling called “a reinforcement of shooters.” These would include US Navy ships and submarines armed with cruise missiles, plus Air Force bombers that could operate out of bases in Japan or Guam, he said.

“Some of these are in places in the region, but not enough to decapitate North Korea in terms of their artillery,” Hertling said. – CNN

Now if the US media is able to get this level of detail around the required preparations for a strike, don’t you think that the North Koreans know it too? In fact, their daily taunts at the “president” are rooted in the knowledge that Trump is all talk and has no plan.

So this mornings twitter threat is nothing for the North Koreans to take seriously. And what was the great warning issued by our incompetent commander-in-chief?

Look out… we’re “locked and loaded”.