Dictatorships are built on controlling the message. Place like Russia and North Korea all have big investments in state run media empires that allow them to control the news cycle so that people only know what they want them to know.

Taking a cue from his inspirational leaders, Donald Trump has taken the first step in setting up a state sanctioned news program. This past week, Trump unveiled a ‘real news’ program on his Facebook page, hosted by his daughter-in-law.

Supposedly they will be covering all of the ‘real news’ that the media is ignoring. But as Buzzfeed documented, they aren’t even really doing that.

A Google search shows mainstream media outlets did cover the stories she recounted, such as Trump donating his salary, a new Foxconn manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, and economic growth. But they also reported on the turmoil within the White House, the failure of his party to repeal and replace Obamacare, and the president’s tweets saying that he wanted to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

Trump’s abrupt reversal of Department of Defense policy was a dominant news story in the mainstream media last week. BuzzFeed News reported that the White House did not have a plan for its implementation, how the news seemed to stun military leaders, and how the news was received by trans veterans.

Those stories were not included in Lara Trump’s news update. – Buzzfeed

So here we are. Propaganda will now be sanctioned directly by the White House. How many day till Election Day 2020?