The “president” woke up in a foul mood today. I’m guessing he doesn’t wake up happy most mornings, but he seems to especially irked today.

He picked up on the public assault of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Sessions was the first Senator to publicly back Trump during the campaign and has been carrying out his bidding by sending back criminal justice reform to the dark ages.

Yet Trump is very upset with Sessions. In the last week, he has expressed regret publicly that he hired Sessions because the AG recused himself from the Russia probe.

This morning, Trump resumed taking shots at Sessions in what has become a very clear strategy to force him to resign. He started off by throwing out a Sean Hannity conspiracy theory.

Then moved on to creating the appearance that Sessions has some sort of soft spot for Hillary Clinton.

And then he finished off with a shot at the acting head of the FBI.

Trump’s behavior is so out of line that even Democrats are speaking up. Take a look at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer give his take on the fiasco in the video below.